Escape to Baguio

cold air.. strawberries.. the original ukay.. these are the things that remind me so much of baguio. Now that its scorching hot here in manila (reaching 38 degrees celcius, you can fry eggs literally on the floor under the sun), my mind is toying with the idea to go and visit baguio again.. 

last may 2009, i got so burnt out with work, so i decided to hit the road (with a bunch of old airheads & my mom) & head to baguio just to cool down a bit, lessen my stress and spend some quality time with my mom.. and man, i did have a blast! i didn’t enjoy much of my company but what i did enjoy is the tour… =) we toured around the city – PMA, Burnham Park, Baguio’s local market, the original ukay market, good sheperd convent – the home of the incredibly delicious taro (ube in tagalog), we went to the chinese temple up in the northern part of Baguio, Benguet. I took the liberty to light some incense and pray to the gods so that bad luck and bad spirits will keep at bay. then we headed straight to La Trinidad, an area where they harvest fresh flowers, berries, and some veggies…  

i normally wouldn’t want to spend time with the company of oldies but i couldn’t afford to let this trip pass… its been years since i set foot to baguio so going back feels great… =) 

picture session at session road

my patience was tested while trying to get a snapshot of “session road” signages… man, it was hard! out of 40 shots, i just managed to salvage this one… ='( try not to capture photos while riding a car and your driver drives like a maniac!! amf!!! 

lion's head

you’ll know your in Baguio when you see this – the famous lion head.. marcos, the former philippine president also had his head displayed at the entrance in Baguio.. 

my beautiful mom! most say i look like her... hehehehe...

i love this picture.. wish i could freeze mom exactly how she looked in this pic… aylovet! =) i like traveling with my mom, she’s very talkative & you wouldn’t get bored when you’re traveling with her. When I was a kid, I’m not much of a traveler coz easily get drowsy & nauseus up to the point that i vomit. but my mom is so persistent & wanted to get rid of my motion sickness, she took me to every travel she can book every summer or even months when i should be at school but instead, she’ll excuse me from my classes & will take me to only God-knows-where places.. at first i have to admit that i hate it when she’s forcing me to go but eventually it started my love affair with traveling… =) 

pink church at baguio
Lopeze's hall of fame at baguio's PMA academy
my frustration: be a PMAer ='(

after highschool, i so much wanted to enroll myself at Philippine Military Academy but when my mom & dad found out about my plans, they were furious so I ended up taking Mass Comm instead… =P 

mi familia =)
my tita-ninang & mom
cute couple ^_^
cute couple again! ^_^

this was time when i discovered my love for photography, so i’m trying super hard to take some good shots out of my point-and-shoot camera.. and the subject is really cute, a couple praying at the pink church, its a given, I couldn’t help but get a snapshot of this… =) 

Chinese Temple at Benguet
chinese temple - main

On our last day in Baguio, we went to the Chinese temple there. I actually begged my mom to go there coz I really want to light some incense & pray to the chinese gods, hoping for a better and clearer future for me & family… not to mention that i have to get rid of some bad spirits lurking around the office… hehehehe… 

here’s what i got from the chinese temple, its not much but i like it… i particularly love the picture of the lily i took just outside the Chinese temple… =) 

not sure if this is one of the gods or a hero... whatchathink?
lilies of the valley...
one lily...
chinese temple - view from the bottom
tres marias =)

my baguio escape was a one-week trip so we have like a day spent in the rest house, we just cooked, eat, stroll around the neighborhood, etc… 

bagong gising! =)

 ah alas, i still miss baguio.. hopefully i can go back then maybe, just maybe, mom will allow me to head straight to sagada for another round of adventure (i smell spelunking & caving! ^_^) 

so until then… =) next stop… hopefully Sagada…

hanging coffins at Sagada...

in the dark…

this week’s episode on America’s next top model – vampire fetish!!! tyra decided to have a little romance with the creatures of the night who lust for blood, vampires… what is it with vampires that makes them very sensual and irresistable??? they’re sexy and mysterious and when the girls of ANTM was intstructed to pose, bam! they all hit the mark! thinking about it, if you imagine yourself as a vampire, it is really easy to be sensual, sexy and mysterious. its easy to think that i’m a vampire, alluring and sexy… i’m oozing with sex appeal… hehehehe…

to be a vampire, is one of my fantasies… i wanted to be one & see if i can charm my way with people… i also love the lifestyle, awake and active in the night & sleeping during the day (i know for a fact that i am nocturnal, active in the evenings and somber during the day) not to even mention the clothes, kick-ass designer clothes!!! leather and everything luxurious, ooohhh how i love to try to wear that… hay i wanted to be one, even just for a day… =)

are you scared of the dark? you better be… coz your next… *wink*

afraid??? better be... coz your next...

Glee plays Madonna!

what comes into your mind when we say MADONNA??? – that’s Will Shuester asking his glee kids of their opinions about doing a madonna ensemble… and yes, the glee kids loved madonna!!! even the cheerleader coach sue sylvester paid homage to the pop and famous gay icon… =) the vogue rendition of Jane Lynch character Sue is just plain hilarious! i was laughing hard the whole time i’m watching it… her sneers here and there suggests she couldn’t stand every second playing dress up in Madonna clothes. The madonna episode aired yesterday in one of Solar Entertainment’s channel, ETC (4pm, Philippine time)… but for those who wasn’t able to watch, you can catch it up on weekends (saturday & sunday) on ETC or Jack TV, there are re-runs of Glee though i’m not sure what time exactly it does air on the cable channel…

among all the madonna covers they did, i particularly like the glee boys’ rendition of “what it feels like for a girl…” – nice to know that the cast & crew of glee appreciates & respects women… its a breath of fresh air really coz for as long as i can remember, discrimination towards women still exist and for the song to be sang by a bunch of handsome guys & a gay (well i’m pretty sure kurt knows what it feels like to be a girl ^_^)… wow… its amazing… =)

i even like the dialog after they sing the song… puck didn’t want to sing the song & definitely doesn’t want to be a girl or just to even know what it feels like to be one, he likes being a dude… but finn pointed out to puck he likes being a dude coz its easier being a dude… no hassle, your position in the society is already established, a display of bravado scares & intimidates other people, you don’t have to push & fight just to prove something… but for us girls, treated as the inferior gender, we have to fight to the death just to prove something, just to make you guys see we’re worth something… we have to learn to assert ourselves all the time… sad but its the reality of being a girl… but then again, with all this shows that empowers women, its really a great feeling knowing that at least somehow we’re given importance, respect, and appreciation… kudos to GLEE!!! keep it up! =)

The Bucket List

I’m not yet dying but just in case God decides to take me home with him, I prepared my own bucket list… These are the things I wanna do and achieve in this lifetime or to simply put it, the things I want to do before I die… =)

1. Learn how to swim

2. Learn how to drive

3. Learn at least one martial arts. I may choose from the following: Karate, Kung Fu, Wu shu, Jujitsu, Muay Thai

4. Take my guitar skills at least two levels up

6. Form a band

7. Sing with my band and do a concert at the “Big Dome” – Araneta Stadium

8. Learn to play drums

9. Learn to play the piano

10. Go back and sing with my former choir

11. Compose a song

12. Finish my novel/s

13. Learn to cook at least 5 gourmet meals

14. Take up and finish my master’s degree – Film

15. Travel around the Philippines. I want to go to each and every vacation spots known to makind. I don’t want to miss anything, even the most expensive vacation spot, Amanpulo. – work in progress.. will travel to palawan or somewhere south next year.. =)

16. After traveling my own country, I want to travel around the world! Visit each and every continent, even Antartica or the Iceland.

17. Conquer Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. Pulag,  Mt. Apo and climb Mt. Fuji and Mt. Everest. – at least I’m done with Mt. Pinatubo! even swam in the crater lake! Dated November 17, 2012. :))

18. Take a picture of the Eifel Tower

19. Eat ice cream while looking at the penguins in antartica

20. Buy my fave sports car, a black, silver, & red porsche

21. Direct my very own movie

22. Be a part of a major film production, I’ll do anything, any job given, even just a prod assistant

23. Interview Johnny Depp

24. Have a cup of coffee at Starbucks with my idols: Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, et. al – all my fave directors

25. Buy my DSLR and learn digital photography – March 12, 2011!!! yey!

26. Learn to surf and be able to surf in Hawaii or Miami

27. Get my very first tattoo – a cross on my thumb in black & white

28. See the aurora borealis

29. Experience snow

30. Meet my heroes in writing: Neil Gaiman, Nicholas Sparks, Paolo Coehlo, J.K Rowling, et. al

31. Be able to eat the most expensive ramen in Japan

32. Get voice lessons

33. Own a beach house in Palawan or Boracay

34. Own a ranch in tagaytay

35. Take up aeronautics and be able to fly a plane

36. Travel to the outer space, maybe go to the moon

37. Spend at least 3 days with the monks in cambodia or nepal and learn their sacred ways

38. Grant my parent’s wish of going abroad

39. Meet Wolfgang Puck and maybe learn a thing or two about cooking from him

40. Learn how to bake

41. Travel in the Carribean aboard a luxury cruise

42. Join a mission for a cause of UNICEF

43. Be a part of a major theatre production

44. Go cliff diving while shouting at the top of my lungs

45. Eat hotdog sandwich in the streets of New York

46. Trek the amazon river =)

47. Learn to play football/soccer — Done! playin it baby! 😀

48. Learn to play Rugby — Learning it! still, work in progress.. got tons of Rugby stuff to learn but happy I’m doin’ it. 

49. Learn to row/paddle, wants to be a paddler someday and join a dragon boat regatta!

Almost done. Can’t think of anything I left out. My bucket list… All the things I want to accomplish before I die… =)

Zambales 2010

exactly 3 years ago, i went to this place called Pundaquit, in San Antonio, Zambales. I was shaken with awe with what I saw… clear blue and green waters… its really crystal clean that i can see what’s below… scenic landscapes with Mt. Anawangin in view, rock formations, & the 2 other islands located there, it’s really gorgeous and breath-taking… i vowed to myself that given time, I’ll go back to that place & let myself escape away with its magic…

after 3 years, i finally got that time i’m asking… I was able to go back to this magical place of Pundaquit and spend 3 blissful & worry-free days of vacation there… hay, this is life… =) 

goofing around anawangin river w/ gerry

we have this raw unedited pics of mt. anawangin and the river… we’re actually just playing around with the camera and see if we can get good shots… i guess we did… =)

raw unedited pic of mt. anawangin & the river...

i’ll post all the pictures next time (all 150 of them) so you can fully appreciate what i’m talking about with regards to Pundaquit… until next time… =) 

back again!!! and as promised, i’m posting additional pics of Pundaquit, Zambales… I have to thank my good friend Bong Tamayo for these really great and cool pics… kudos to him & lighto 3, his nikon D5000… hehehe…

I’m still dreaming of going out of town again… hopefully before the rain starts this july, we can have another adventure with litho 3… I’m enjoying immmensely the free photography lessons I get from Bong, learning a lot from him =) so without further ado, here are the pics we have of Pundaquit, Zambales…. enjoy… =)

anawangin at mid day...

it may not look like it, but its scorching hot when bong took this picture. we can’t even stand on the sand without having our feet fried… but looking at this pic, its all worth it… =

sunset at pundaquit...

you wouldn’t believe if I say that its already dark when bong took this picture but with the help of lighto 3, he managed to snap this shot, the wonder of the slow shutter on 100 iso… lo and behold, a wonderful pic of sunset at pundaquit. =)

the majestic Mt. Anawangin

another route to anawangin cove is this mighty mountain. the 5 hours trekk will take you directly to anawangin… i wanted to try & conquer this mountain but bong and gerry doesn’t want to budge a bit… shame on you guys!!! hehehe…

of course we couldn’t resist the urge to take our own pictures even though we love the view so much… =)

kuya gewi & me!!! ^_^

using Mt. Anawingin and the river as the backdrop, Bong took our picture, Kuya gewi & me, sitting on the wooden bridge… =)

emo at the beach!!!

bong’s experimenting with lighto 3 and used us as his guinea pigs (not that i’m complaining)… sample of slow shutter shot on 100 iso… =)

sunset at the bay...

this one is very promising… bong’s really got the eye…

pundaquit, almost sunset...
our home while we were in pundaquit...

this is where we stayed… wild rose beach resort… the owner of the place is really really cool!!! mama tess is amazing, giving personalized service to each & every guest… she’s really like a mom to everybody… very cool… =)

though i’ve been to pundaquit twice in this lifetime, there’s still much to explore… and the locals there are one of the warmest & hospitable people i’ve met… its nice to know that somewhere here in the islands of the Philippines, you can actually find something amazing… =)