hell week… but i say its fun! =)

one thing i hate the most is bitching around my parents… hold your horses guys, i’m not in any way disrespecting them or what.. all i’m trying to do is scaring them out of their wits so that they’ll follow all the things that i say.. true, MAHIRAP MAGPALAKI NG MAGULANG!!! dada doesn’t want to drink his meds for hypertension & mum’s doesn’t to help me with my dad.. parehong matigas ang ulo kaya they left me with no choice… i have to be the meanest anak in the whole world for them to get scared and follow my orders… sabi ko pag sila nagkasakit ng malubha di ko sila kayang alagaan at gagawin ko ipamimigay ko na lang sila sa hospicio… ewan ko na lang kung di pa matakot yung dalawang yun!!!

i was so stressed and deprived for complete sleep this whole week because of my “other” job… ang hirap talaga kumita ng pera… at ang hirap ng buhay kapag ang sweldo mo ay sweldong pang janitor…

my novel’s nearing its end… i’ve been working on that novel since 2006 so its 4 years in the making… i think i’d be able to finish it this year.. will publish it here in my wordpress account…

i’m going to medical city tomorrow to meet my new OB… Need to consult & see if I’m baby-ready!!! :))) joke!!! i just need a follow up consultation for my hormonal imbalance…

watched harry potter thursday night with friends.. All i could say is this 7th movie is by far the greatest movie made in the harry potter franchise… galing ni David Yates! kudos!

found something… rather someone interesting… i’m amused… & entertained… though i’m not gonna share what or who’s entertaining me… hehehe… sorry…

so that’s a wrap up of my weekend my friends! stressful but i’m not gonna complain about it… =)

so that’s the wrap up for me this week!!! =) hay stressful but i can say its definitely fun!


one hell of a weekend for all hollow’s eve…

i had one of the worst weekend in my entire existence! grabe! i didn’t get a chance to rest for one bit! and come november 2, may pasok na!!! i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it all started last friday. i watched the social network with my friends bong & gerry.. we’ve been waiting for this movie, the ratings are good, reviews & feedbacks were good too. We’re film junkies you know and if we hear that a movie’s good we’ve got to go and see it for ourselves. i for one definitely love movies and a frustrated film director and actor (planning to get MA on film) so i really have to watch this one come hell or high water.. so we decided to watch the last full show.. 9:40pm we settled in the movie house and waited for the movie to start. and then finally we’re watching it.. BOOM!!! after watching the movie, i couldn’t form any coherent thought. this was the very first time i watched a movie that is nothing but a very looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg narration of whatever shit that happened to zucherberg, the founder of facebook. its nothing but blah.. blah.. blah.. blah.. blah.. for a good 2hrs plus of the movie runtime. at one point i got so bored that i drifted off to sleep.. my mind literally went into shock and was so numbed that i couldn’t come up with anything to say about the movie.. for the record this is the first time that i slept while watching a movie, haven’t experienced that one before. call me whatever (stupid, dumbass, etc) but i just don’t like that movie.. i mean knowing the story & shit of the founder of facebook wouldn’t make any difference in my life right? will i be rich too like them? will i be as famous and as kick-ass like them? will the stock market improve? will the economy boost up? the answer is a big no.. so to sum it up, i didn’t enjoy the movie but i enjoyed the company of my friends… its been eons since i last saw kuya gewi & i miss bong terribly…  yun na lang yung pampalubag-loob dun at least we get to spend time together.

then saturday morning.. saturday’s really hectic.. i wasn’t able to jog because we’re going to divisoria. for those who didn’t know what divisoria is, its a place where you can find the cheapest stuff in the planet. prices starts at P2.50 & there are really a lot of good finds there if you know where to go. I slept late friday night, actually it was saturday already, 2am when sandman came & let me get some zzz’s. iwoke up at 5am to prep up for divisoria trip with me mum, my tita edith & kuya coco.. literal na humihiwalay ang katawang-lupa ko sa kaluluwa ko dahil sa antok! grabe… i couldn’t feel my feet and my brain was drifting off to somewhere else… but we were able to get everything we need. i enjoyed the trip coz my 800 bucks went a long way, got a lot of great stuff from divisoria and i’m planning to go back sometime this november. after divisoria shopping, we ate at this chinese restaurant found in one of the streets of divisoria. i had to admit that i was a bit skeptical when i saw the place. parang di pa nga ok kumain, parang di masarap at di malinis ang gawa but when i interviewed those people eating there, they all said it was good and this restaurant has been there since 1980’s pa ata or something. basta it’s super old na. even the old chinese elders na dumadaan doon, they’re all recommending that resto.. it turns out, tita edith knew the place. they often eat there when they visit divisoria so she’s assigned to order the food and surprise! surprise! it’s good!! soup lang ang kinain ko but i felt like i ate a full course meal dahil sa sarap niya.. and prices of meals there are reasonable. di masyadong mahal and worth to buy naman.

after divisoria, we went to the cemetery. we have to clean & prep up lola & lolo’s grave.. this is the part where i felt really sad.. why? this cleaning & visiting the dead on november 01 used to be a family thing for us. all my mom’s siblings were there & all my insans where there too. like a reunion, we clean the grave together, make plans for the next day, november 01 together, then we all go there together but know its just me & my mom.. just the two of us.. nakakalungkot talaga.. and all my other cousins & relatives just don’t seem to care anymore.. really really sad.. hay.. ='( after the cemetery, me & mum went to the mall, nagpasama pa magshopping ang nanay ko… dami pera ni mama… hehehe..

so saturday super haggard ako ng bonggang-bongga!!! as in.. when i got home i just took a bath then drifted off to sleep.. i wasn’t able to watch series or any horror flick (like what i plan to do) because i was super tired and i can barely keep my eyes open.. hayzzz..

then sunday, i had to run! i’m itching to run so again i woke up at 5am and started running. kebs kung umuulan ng bongga sa pasig! i ran and i was able to go around the city.. in all fairness, i enjoyed running under the rain.. it relaxes you, soothes you, and it clears your mind.. after 2hrs of nothing but running under the rain, i went home and prep up for my trip back to the cemetery.. now it’ll be me & my dad’s turn to go there. we stayed there for a good 3hrs. wala naglinis lang, nagkwentuhan kami ng tatay ko, bonding time kumbaga..  after cemetery, went home & did the laundry.. so again, i was so tired last sunday & wasn’t able to watch.. again…

monday!!! ayan, monday nakipagpatayan kami ng siksikan sa sementeryo!!!! waaaahhhh!!! as in literally… then we stayed there the whole morning. my mom decided to stay home and to my surprise kaya pala nagpaiwan, gusto magluto. she cooked ginataang bilo-bilo while my tita edith prepared turon & some banana fritters – so ayan, yan ang handa namin ngayong undas… =)

there… that’s everything.. kapag naaalala ko, napapagod ako ulit! :))) though my weekend had been hell, there were things that i enjoyed immensely… my unprecedented bonding time with my dad – this rarely happens to us coz we’re really not that close so this bonding time really is such a blessing… =) i enjoyed mom’s ginataang bilo-bilo (kahit konti lang nakain ko since i have to watch my calorie intake) – this too rarely happens to us coz mom is not the typical “domestic” mom, i mean she rarely cook, you can’t see much of her in the kitchen since its one of the things she hated, cooking & doing the dishes. that’s the reason why at a very young age i was forced to learn how to cook decent and edible food, mentored by my late lola of course. i enjoyed my run coz like what i said, running under the rain clears your mind.. its yoga for me… =) and lastly, i enjoyed my trip to divisoria & my bonding time with tita edith and kuya coco – again like what i said earlier, i rarely see my relatives so this is a real treat for me… =)

ironic that i wasn’t able to rest and my jam-packed weekend had been hell but i’m loving every bit of it… =)