gone for the weekend: the roadtrip to quezon province… part 2!!!

my apologies! it took me so long to work on padre burgos part 2! got caught up with work & my other love, football! got training sesh every weekend ergo got no time to update my quezon blog. but here’s part 2, day 2 of our Padre Burgos escapade!!! enjoy! =)

Day 2 at Dampalitan Island, Padre Burgos, Quezon…

day 2 was pretty much a very relaxed & “chill” day for the four of us. i woke up early, around 6am or 7am i guess and pretty much just stared out to the sea and the endless horizon. there’s nothing more special than being able to spend hours relaxing, doing nothing, and immensely enjoying the beach. everything it offers, the calm & tranquil waves, air rushing through your hair, and the smell of the sea. =)

look at my view from my make shift duyan i called top-top, bought him when i was in pundaquit, zambales last year for P300 bucks.. =)

duyan view.. i just feel swag.. =)

its also a sad day for us since we’ll be leaving our camp at Dampalitan Island & will head to our (extra posh and extra mahal) hotel resort in the mainlaind, the Tamarind Tree Resort. Mixed emotions actually. We’ll leave Dampalitan to head to another adventure so yeah part happy & part sad..  but before we head to the tamarind tree, we decided to take some time to get some good shots. the weather’s good & all sun-shiny on our 2nd day, great day for cam-whoring! hehe.. so after eating breakfast (more like left-over food from last night’s feast), we went out & snapped our cameras away!

dampalitan island in high noon! fierce! =)

while standing on the “islet” in the middle of dampalitan beach, couldn’t help myself but take a picture of this majestic view… =)

my camera Aly just loves Kuya Gewi!!! =)

kuya gewi & his abs.. pogi points for that! haha! :))

ok, lemme explain.. got nothing else to take pictures at alright so here's mah foot! :))

after our photo op, i went back to my “chillax” mode while sitting on top-top my duyan. got nothing to do but still wanna take some pictures so i took a snap of my left foot..

our SWAG camp!

our SWAG camp!!! woot-woot! tent is huge! you can fit 8 to 10 people inside! hehe… on the words of mah good friend Bong when asked how to describe our ginormous tent: “Pwedeng magfootball ang Azkals sa loob!”

(uh-oh!) no, i'm not sleeping.. just takin' a break! :))

eerrr… that’s me there! no, i’m not sleeping! just taking a break before we head out to the sea! =P

i borrowed some pictures from mah good friend Bong Tamayo so you’ll get to see the beauty of the place, really great place to take pictures! =)

balsa in the beach.. =)
lunch & dinner for us!! cheers!

adobo & magic sarap (magic sarap??? o____O) for lunch, dinner, & breakfast!!! hehe.. oh and we got purefoods hotdogs too!

tomatoes & onions as side dish.. sweet!

and match it with ensaladang kamatis!!! this should be ensaladang mangga but forgot to buy mangoes!! epic fail!! :))

Bong's magic sinaing!!! cheers!

sinaing or cooked rice in english.. this is bong’s specialty. he cooked rice since lunch & dinner yesterday till the next day! mabuhay ka bong! :))

you can see here that we didn’t bring any cooking utensils, not even a portable stove. one word baby.. IMPROVISE!!! hehe.. but you have to bring your own kaldero so that you can cook rice decently.. or if you’re too lazy to bring one, find a bamboo in the island & use it as an alternative for the kaldero..

sayin' our goodbyes to Dampalitan!
gerry, me, bong, & chel

and with pictures above, we say goodbye to Dampalitan Island! till we meet again… =)

Kuya Oteh fetched us at around 1pm, high noon but it was an easy boat ride! thank God for the unpredictable weather of Quezon, we’re spared from the scorching rays of the sun and was greeted by drizzle & lots of rain clouds arriving at The Tamarind Tree Resort. Tamarind Tree Resort is the only beach resort that has close proximity to beach & the islands, very accessible so even though the price is a bit high than normal, we booked our accomodations there so we can stay close to the beach. We arrived there late lunch time but still decided to take a bath, head out & look for something to eat for lunch.

here are some of my first pics during our stay in The Tamarind Tree Resort;

our kubo named "Eugenia"

This is our kubo, stashed near the beach, on its sides are plants & lots of Banana trees (so that explains the ginormous mosquitoes invading our hut!). I have to make a separate entry about the resort but i have to say that the place was wonderful, even the staff, they’re very accommodating & friendly. we even made new friends while we’re there! the place is safe & well-guarded, very relaxing & pretty quiet especially at night so if you wanna take a break from the hustle & bustle of manila, this is the place to be! oh and one thing i immensely enjoyed in the place is the private pool inside the resort. well we practically have the place to ourselves and because of that, i feel swag when i was there! hehe..

the road less traveled..

this pic was taken just outside the Tamarind Tree’s gate.. and manong walking down the road adds drama to the pic..

tamarind tree beach front

see the tamarind tree beach front.. although i don’t reco that you swim in the beach front, the water’s a bit murky as there are hordes of fishermen that go there everyday so there..

flowers galore outside the tamarind tree resort! =)

ok so for day 2 of the Quezon trip, we just paid for our lunch in a carinderia & our dinner courtesy of Tamarind Tree Resort. In the “Al Fresco” dining (a.k.a carinderia), P50 is enough for a good meal (provided di ka patay gutom when you eat), there are several carinderias in Padre Burgos so eating won’t be a problem. For our dinner, we shed a bit more (well maybe not a bit). Paid P550 for a full course meal of rice, sunny side up eggs, tocino, & longganisa, plus juice good for 4 to 6 people and we get to dine in the posh Dining Hall of the resort while watching the pilot episode of captain barbel in GMA 7. Ate Ayreen, the secretary or Peng the manager can assist you. the food they’ll serve may depend on what’s available that day.

A total of Php 187.50 spend for day 2 at Padre Burgos, Quezon! not bad.. hehe..

i still have to get back to work mah friends but i promise to complete the four-day entry of our Quezon trip A.S.A.P! so until next post! keep on moving your feet! =)