my week and to the one & only PRINCESS of the group.. ^^

i’m dog-tired today.. super drained (to the last drop) of energy.. had tons of stuff to do this week (some i finished, some i didn’t but will work on it first thing on monday)..

i’m still over-crazed with the sport football and still wanting to play and go “pro” on the sport (kapag keri ko na, hehe). and now i couldn’t deny it any longer that i adore our national team in football, the Philippine Azkals. i follow them like a maniac! haha! this is the first time that i got bitten by the craze & went “gaga” over something or someone.. hehehe.. well what can i do i just heart them & adore everything about them.. dreaming of one day i’ll be able to play football with them..  *wishful thinking*

so while following them around, here are some of the pics i got… now i can see girls screaming! haha! (don’t own the pics alright so peace..)

its jason de jong! =)
heart him! hehe.. pwede bang mag-aaply na GF??? :))
early morning run
the younghusband brothers!!! =)

hay i just love them.. *blushing*

well this week ain’t just an “AZKALS”-filled week.. About two weeks ago, we learned about the resignation of one of my friends here in the office. it came as a surprise really and today is her last day.. it really pains me seeing my friends go of course but i always look at the bright side.. i see that she’s happy with her decision leaving the company and i can even see a very promising future for her in her new company.. i just wish her good luck and hopefully we can still find time to do some “girl bonding” and to hang out, eat, drink (maybe), and do some catching up like what we used to do here… =)

to Princess Poblete, former Consumer Marketing Group member, former ABSi employee, and always, a good friend of mine, promise me that you’ll stay grounded no matter where your new path will take you.. remember your dreams, all your aspirations in life and achieve it to the best of your abilities.. never give up, always remember that anything & everything is possible with courage & determination. please know that you’ll be missed.. days here in ABSi will not be complete without your towering heels, vavavoom outfit, and your signature laugh and smiles. also remember that you’ll always have a home here in ABSi and we’ll always be here for you.. =)

we’ll miss you, the one and only PRINCESS of the group! until we meet again… =)


i survive VALENTINE’S DAY!!! o_O

ok.. today i realized i can’t go on “hibernation mode” simply because i can’t (coz i’m not a bear) and no matter what i do, the world will just go around just the same… so instead of sleeping all the frustration away or sulk and stay bitter for all eternity, i went out with the CMG girls, ate lunch at the posh restaurant in our building and spend the afternoon coffee break “cam-whoring” at starbucks! its a fun, fearless, and fab afternoon with the girls.. =)

ahhuummm… i can’t quite figure out what it is that turned me off v-day.. maybe because after 24 years of waiting, i’m still single (and don’t have a single clue why..) or maybe i just had this firm belief that we should not celebrate love (ng bonggang-bongga) because its valentine’s day.. everyday should be a celebration of love not just this one (awfully) commercialized day of february..

i believe that every girl, no matter what age they’re in, deserves flowers and not just because its v-day or something and i do believe that we’re entitled for love.. everybody deserves it.. =)

i just don’t think that we say the word “i love you” enough. so please don’t forget to say it again on each of the remaining 320 days of the year.. =)

things i learned this week… =)

its one hell of a riot this week but i’m lovin’ every bit of it! as in!

i started the week with a new found love for RUNNING!!! i don’t know what got in me but i just feel like i can run a thousand miles now.. just for this week, i ran 4 times.. can’t believe it coz i used to be so “tamad” to run.. hehehe.. just sayin… =)

ok, so last Feb 09, Team Philippine Azkals (our football team) went head to head with Blue Wolves of Mongolia and they won!!! now, i’m not just in love with running, i also fell for Football! i wanted to learn so bad that i’m scouring all webbies just to find a school for football where i can enroll & learn how to play the game. i’m not aiming to play professionally but i wanted to at least experience playing the game & know everything about football.. now, i’m really shocked.. i already said i’m not a sports buff and i shy-away to anything related to sports but now i’m totally loving it, especially football.. guess i got so inspired by the team Azkal hunks James & Phil Younghusband and Neil Etheridge.. hehehe.. =P

yesterday, i was doing my weekly competitive scan & found this article on one of the websites that i’m scanning: it was an article by Mr. Anton Diaz of ourawesomeplanet talking about getting a free calendar from Mr. Butch Jimenez. I saw the actual calendar and the pics on it and it was really awesome!! pictures of different beaches here in the Philippines (and Amanpulo is included! yeah, Amanpulo!!), children with their warm & welcoming smiles, and other scenic view of our country. It says on the article if you want a copy, you can email Mr. Butch Jimenez, and its for free, no strings attached. So I just found myself composing an email to Sir Butch, talking about my love for photography, beaches & travel as well then asking for a copy if he still has a spare one to share with me. I’m not expecting a reply really but when i opened my email this morning, I saw a reply. i was thrilled!!! haha! i can get a copy of that beautiful calendar! it says on the email that i can coordinate with Sir Butch’s secretary so I can get a schedule to fetch the calendar. i answered right away, thanked him for the copy (and for being so accomodating & friendly on email) then i found out he’s from PLDT. coincidentally, my cousin is working there too so i asked if he happen to know someone by the name of Dennis Cerrer (again, not expecting for any reply at all). he replied and said, he doesn’t know my cousin but would love to meet him one day. after a few minutes i received another email by the name of Menardo Jimenez Jr. and the email domain belongs to PLDT. this email said: “hey dennis, i got an email from your cousin and she’s asking for a copy of my calendar.. regards, butch.” the email was sent to Dennis Cesar Cerrer and Sir Butch cc’d me.. apparently Sir Butch took the liberty to find my cousin and emailed him. Got so surprised when my cousin sent back a reply acknowledging me as his cousin and asking for a copy of the calendar too! such a small world!! i got so curious and googled Sir Butch’s profile. and to my surprise, i found out that he’s a big boss in Smart Communications (that explains the ‘sandbox’ theme!). he’s the senior vice president for the retail business group of PLDT. i was actually talking to the big boss (something i haven’t done before!)!!! so i immediately checked the emails i sent (thank God for the sent folder) and see if my grammar was ok, if my english was good, if my sentence construction is flawless & faultless and thank God it was! and i’m loving the fact that i constructed the email with utmost respect to the one i’m sending it.

two things i learned from this experience, courtesy & respect. you should always have it, never loose it. always give it to people you meet and people you talk to (either personal or via the web or something). coz really you never knew who you’re talking to, right? let’s take for example a situation in the workplace. you’re just a level 1 (very ordinary) employee working on reports needed by the bosses. you know you’re good at what you do and people say you’re smart. one day, you woke up feeling so important because everybody’s asking for your report, saying they needed you (or the report or whatever), then you suddenly felt that the world in the work place will cease to exist if you’re not gonna do your report. what you did was you by-passed several bosses and sent your report straight to the Director. think about it, just because you know you’re good and you feel indispensible, you now have the license to do that to the bosses? pagbali-baliktarin man ang buong mundo, empleyado ka lang, boss sila and being a smart-ass does not give you the license para mangbastos ng boss..

never feel superior to other people, remain as humble as possible at all times. got my parents to thank to for raising me up inculcating in my mind that if i want people to respect me, i should respect them as well.. in tagalog, mabuting pakikisama at respeto sa kapwa.. that’s all you need… =)

Again, pakikisama at respeto.. that’s the important thing.. =)

oh & somebody with no manners asked for my help yesterday & he didn’t even said thank you after getting all the things he needed from me.. manners people, where are your manners???

so that’s the wrap of my week! =)