Teen Big 6!!! woot-woot!!!

coolest bunch of kids i ever met... =)

yesterday was a bit of a riot my friends but i’m glad that i was blessed with the chance to meet Pinoy Big Brother Teen Big 6 in person. Yes, I met Ivan, Bret, Ryan, Fretzie, Devon, & James yesterday here at the office and it was a blast!!! These kids were coolest kids I ever met, always smiling though crowds of people from different ABS-CBN departments piled up for the photo opt. It was insane! I tell you, as in… hehehe but of course  I wouldn’t miss the chance to get a picture of my fave teen housemate, RYAN!!! =)

Me & Ryan!!!

i look ridiculously giggly while they’re taking my pic… hehehe… what can i say, i’m all giddy & energized but then again i was “kinikilig” but trying to supress it… nakakahiya kasi!!! hahahaha!!! but i love him for hugging me… =P so after this picture was taken, got heaps of migraine attack from trying to supress my adrenaline & endorphine rush!!! hahaha!!! what a day…

then my officemates also grabbed their chance, photo opt with these kids… they’re all adorable really… and very down to earth so i’m hoping they wouldn’t change… that fame won’t get into their heads… they’re all so young so somebody should guide them and keep them grounded…

Fretzie & Ate Maricar

Pretty Fretzie with my officemate Maricar… She’s really pretty & mabait so no wonder Bret is head-over-heels for her… =) they look good together by the way, Fretzie & Bret… =)

Fretzie & Zsazsa
Fretzie & Mona
Fretzie, Ivan, & Sir Rex

the coolest boss with the coolest kids in town!!! =) hehehehe… I so miss Sir Rex… =)

ahhh... Bret with I don't know who...

this guy… don’t know who he is but i can tell he’s happy with Bret on his side… =)

Bret & Ate Maricar

I don’t know if its just me or what but Bret looked pale… almost as white as Edward Cullen… hehehehe…

Bret & Mona
Bret & Zsazsa

This one is a dream come true! hahahah! peace… But don’t they look good together? Bagay!!! Sorry Fretzie… =P

Devon & Mona

Devon is like the epitome of a true pinay… morena, height is just the average… black beauty they say… =)

Devon & Maricar

She’s also mabait & very accomodating… always wearing her warm smile… =)

Devon & Zsazsa
James & Zsazsa

A dashing dude indeed! hehehe… can’t deny that this kid really looks good (and can break so many hearts for that matter) but he’s cool. We asked him for a photo opt while he was eating his pizza but he gladly obliged… =)

Ayan winner smile! =) perfect!
ui!! kinikilig si Mons!!!

Another dream come true!!! hahahaha!!! good thing these people don’t have a wordpress account otherwise they’ll kill me for my comments here… hehehehe…

yun naman oh! winner!

I was supposed to inform Sir Rex via twitter that the kids were here in the office but I was surprised that he heard of it already… hehehehe bilis ni Sir Rex sa balita… =P

Ivan and Zsazsa

Now this guy, parang lagi syang nagugulat. He’s jumpy… like he couldn’t believe that he’s now being hounded by an army of screaming girls from all parts of the Philippines. And mind you, he ate a lot… hehehehe…

Ivan & Mona
Ivan & Ate Maricar

Ivan is my second favorite teen housemate coz like what I said from previous post, I see myself in him… he’s like male version of me. Always quiet, rarely talks, keeps to himself a lot, shy most of the time, the good son… so like me… hehehehe… though i have an aversion with his name… but i like him just the same… =)

And last but definitely not the least, the korean guy who won the hearts of the filipino people because of his funny antics inside the PBB house, Ryan Bang!!! He’s really cool man!!! to the nth power! We ask him to do this short endorsement of one of our game, WarRock, and the script was written in english. He said I’m not good with english!!! then one of the assistant said, then we’ll do it in tagalog! Ryan blurted out, I’m not good with filipino din!!! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!! then we all laughed!!! hehehehe… really really funny guy… it feels good to finally see him in person… =)

love! love! love!
his famous chuvachuchu hand sign...
i heart this guy!

I totally heart this guy!!! next to the Philippines very own funny guy Sir Ramon Bautista… hehehehe… what a great day it has been yesterday… =)

Syempre, we wouldn’t end the day without taking our own pics!!! hahahaha!!! what can i say, we’re our own paparazzi… So while waiting for the teen housemates, we posed for some fun pics in the meeting room…

my classic j-pop pose!
ayun oh! nagpapacute naman pala... =P
i look mataray daw on this pic...
our busy, busy, busy sched of meetings!!!! =)