…all hollow’s eve…

It’s holloween 2008!!! I’m getting all giddy… hehe… chocolates & sweets pouring… kids wearing costumes & shouting trick or treat!!! hay, wish I was a child again so I can join all the fun…


time to go… or is it???

I am so fed up. I want to give it up. It is taking so much of my time. I have been a martyr for its sake. I am scared I have changing needs. I will let go soon. I am sorry I need to do it. I have to love my self more. I have future plans. I hope they will understand. I hope they will not think ill of me because when I was with them, they owned me.

They can feel my coldness. I have reached my saturation point. I want to breathe and experience relaxation without worrying obligations. Was it even so? There were no formal papers. They assumed I will be always there for them.

I hope they realized the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

What am I talking about? This is not yet the right time to detail my concerns. But something is brewing deep inside.

If it happens, I’d like to say I am deeply honored to have worked with it and for them. I will only recall the best positive memories. I want to wave my hands farther from the rest without excess baggages.

in this corporate world…

Sometimes, you may not know it but your greatest fear is not actually darkness but light… What do I mean by that? In a corporate setting, there are brilliant people. Those when they pushed themselves, will outshine even the highest of the bosses. Unfortunately, these brilliant men & women have consciously dimmed their brilliance to please their superiors & prevent them from feeling uncapable & inferior.

“Respect” for superiors is one reason behind dimming brilliance & excellence. In a highly politicized corporate world, it is inappropriate and untimely to showcase your talents, knowledge & skills because all these things can threaten the boss. It can boomerang to you because the boss has the bargaining chips to promote you or to give you elusive favors. Hence, despite the shortcomings of these inferior superiors, one pretends to be a “yes man” to secure your job.

Come to think of it, brilliance of others should not be a problem or be a threat if the leader is sure of him/her self. On the contrary, great leaders should surround themselves with great men & women. Bosses should empower them so that in the long run, the company would have a strong support system for increasing tasks & demands. However, for the insecure, “offense is the best defense.” They nip in anybody who has the potential to grow especially when his/her growth can jeopardize the boss’ bread & butter. Even a constructive criticism is construed as an assault to authority.

Given my current situation & others as well, I am saddened by corporate struggles. There are ass-lickers, fence-sitters, and the repressed. Lack of expression is regarded as decency & for sure will be applauded by everyone. Camaraderie is faked for the sake of personal interests. Several ignore the value of truth & would rather delude themselves in lies saying that truth is just a point of view. Yes, truth can be a matter of perspective but let’s not forget that there are certain realities that cannot be faked. There are certain realities with only one interpretation & should be accepted as it is. At the end of the day, these “mediocre” bosses or all of bosses for that matter should accept that they too have committed mistakes and they need others to reach the apex of any corporate success. When success is defined on how it benefits personal interests, success is momentary.

Success also involves empowerment of many, so that when succession of power comes, the empowered members will continue the legacy of the great leaders. Life… Pretentious & mediocre. I do hope that one day “meritocracy” becomes a practice especially in the corporate world where I belong. Otherwise the best minds will leave to find a more meritorious working environment.

spooks & goosebumps crawling in…

Have you ever felt that though you are alone yet it feels like someone’s with you or watching your every move?? Been in this kind of situation a thousand of times & it becomes intense during this time of the year, Halloween… Hay, but what can I do? This is my gift, to see the dead & have the ability to talk to them. It runs in the family actually, my grandma has it, my mom also has it, & me & my younger cousin also has that ability. See, it’s in my blood… So to jumpstart the Halloween celebration, I’ve taken some pics to match the occasion. Last friday, me & my co-workers went on for shopping. There’s a big sale at SM Megamall so after the meeting with Globe Telecom, we went there to look for good finds & of course to buy…

Mr. Grim the reeper is here!
Mr. Grim the reeper is here!

This is me & sean with Mr. Grim the Reeper… hehe…

Meet Joanne's babies
Meet Joanne

Meet Joanne & her very cute babies! Hehe… Peace! I have other pics… Please, indulge… ^_^

Mr. Grim is so popular these days...
Mr. Grim is so popular these days...
Well, this one, its just JC, wanting a new phone..
Well, this one, its just JC, wanting a new phone..

Though I’m bound to get a lot of goosebumps & bizarre stuff every halloween, it is the one day that I don’t want to miss. Its fun to be scared sometimes… hehe.. plus it is the only time that I can actually remember my departed love ones & say a little prayer for them… Welcome! Creatures of the Night!! HA..HA..HA..

Here comes Christmas!!!

Alas! Christmas is almost here! Just 67 days more & the air will be filled with carols, gift-giving, loving & sharing… ^_^ originally, I plan to be the ms. scrooge for this Christmas. I know you’re asking why. I’ve had loses in this life that made me not believe in Christmas anymore. You know, the pain of losing someone you love can sometimes make you angry & tendecies are you’ll depart your self to the real world & you’ll hate the real world if you see them celebrating & not empathizing to what you feel. But I realized that I still have my family (mom & dad) to celebrate with. I guess it’s time to let go of the negative feelings & start fresh. Actually, I have a thousand reasons to celebrate! So there, I decided to hit the mall & start buying Christmas stuff & gifts… Of course, I went there with my friends (para masaya) & can’t help but to take pictures of things related to Christmas! Yey! Its Christmas!!

mirror, mirror on the wall! who's the fairest of them all?!
mirror, mirror on the wall! who

(Di pinalampas ang salamin!) If there’s a will, there’s a way, so we used the mirrors inside the mall so that we can take pics where all of us are included.

I love the idea of white christmas tree with black decors!
I love the idea of white christmas tree with black decors!

That’s sean, my friend from work… hehe… fascinated with that white tree…

golden christmas balls!
golden christmas balls!

labo ng image sa golden christmas balls e, yun sana gusto ko ma-achieve… haiz..

patterned after the comedianne POKWANG!
patterned after the comedianne POKWANG!

Kamay sa baba!! sounds familiar?? & looks familiar too!

So there, why be a scrooge if you can be happy. Punish yourself & be miserable this yuletide season or be happy with whatever you have & let go of negative feelings & feel the Christmas spirit? Well, I definitely prefer the second one! Happy Christmas!


Like most of the kids, I have dreamt of going to Enchanted Kingdom (babaw noh?!). Then the day of going to Enchanted came. My friends at work bought us discounted tickets & have the trip scheduled out of the blue.  I didn’t expect that one day I’ll be able to go there, one, I don’t like rides but I sure love traveling & visiting places & two, since I don’t like rides, what would I do if I’ll go to EK (alangan naman na tumunganga lang ako, sayang naman yung binayad ko sa entrance fee).

So to cut to the chase, we went there, tried all the rides & done everything there is. Then after the rides, we went to Tagaytay for dinner. While eating, we shared a lot of laughs & stories. Just one adjective to describe what we felt that day, HAPPY. But at the back of my mind, it seems that we’re having so much fun that it felt like we’re never gonna be that happy again. So ayun, to cut the story short… May nangyari ngang di inaasahan.. hehe… Anyways, the trip was fun.. I’m gonna share some of the pics from our EK trip…

the album cover...
the album cover...

The shot was taken from EK, one of the establishments there… Cute! Parang album cover ng isang banda…

saya lang lumipad!
saya lang lumipad!

taken from one of the rides. Good thing JC didn’t want to try the ride so siya ang official photographer… hehe…

If I’d ever had another chance, I’ll do this again with the same set of people I’m with… <naks!>

My 2 day trip to Pundakit, Zambales

It has been months now since I’ve gone to Anawangin Cove in Pundakit, San Antonio, Zambales but hey I still want to write about it on my blog coz it was my very first unplanned travel and I’m very proud of it. We survive the wilderness!! Wooohooo!! Rock on!!! I’ll try uploading some of the pics then I’ll continue my story… ^_^

In the cove, you really can’t do much. No electricity, no phone signals… Just you, the lush greens & the majestic view of the sea. You have plenty of time to think, sleep, bathe in the warm water or even goof around if you’re with your friends. You can just lay around all day, doing nothing (or even wear nothing ^_^). You’ll have plenty of time to think or clear your head. That’s the magic of being in a nice, secluded & not crowded part of the Philippines.. hehe…

pine trees on the shore
pine trees on the shore The first thing that caught my eye when I got there was the pine tress sprawled around the cove. Hmmm.. Interesting coz its like Baguio met Boracay halfway! I have a lot of pictures wala kasing magawa but to take photos... hehe...Its a 3-hour drive from Manila (that's possible if you're not gonne get caught up with the traffic so better set off early, around 4 or 5 in the morning or for those taking the bus, there's a 12am ride to San Antonio Zambales at Victory Liner Caloocan). Its fun if you'll go there by bus coz there are several stops, one in San Fernando Pampanga & the other one is in Olongapo City. You'll see places & faces of people along the way...So there, I wouldn't elaborate much of my trip last summer but I'll be traveling again, maybe this coming christmas or by next year & this is where I'll post every travel destinations that I'll go to! So for the mean time, please indulge with the pictures I've attached in this email.mag-isa sa dalampasigan
Ganda ng View!
Ganda ng View!