love at first sight… =)

when i first saw i knew it was you all along… hehehe… that’s my way of describing how i fell in love with a car… i first saw it in Transformers 1, the chevrolet camarro or more popularly known as “bumblebee” – one of the autobots and protector of sam… how i loved that car that one day i’m dreaming of owning one, chevy in yellow, same as the one on the movie…

but something caught my eye today… on the third installment of the movie transformers, michael bay is bringing in the newest member of the autobots family: The Ferrari 458 Italia… now i’m definitely in love with this ferrari… haysss… when can i own one!?

kick-ass Ferrari 458 Italia

Road Trip: The beach wonder of Quezon Province, Borawan

while i’m not yet sure if our Borawan trip will push through, i’m hunting down articles about the place since I discovered about it in one of the episodes of Bayan Productions’ “trip na trip.” Internet articles are scarce and very rare but fortunately I was able to find a “how-to-get-there” article from sexy nomad (interested? all you have to do is google her name, c’mon and google it baby!). I find it easy to go there by commuting (based on sexy nomad’s blog), well all you have to do is to ride the bus bound to Lucena City then ask the manong kundoktor to drop you at the heart of the city in Lucena. From Lucena, a 1-hour drive/travel by local jeepneys there and you’ll find yourself in Padre Burgos, Quezon. From Padre Burgos, its 30 to 45 minute boat ride to Borawan. Where to stay? Well you can just camp out in Borawan if your on a tight budget but there are several resort/hotels there like Villa Anita or Tamarind Tree Resort. If you’re a big group, I can suggest Tamarind Tree Resort (rates starts at around 2k/night stay there) but if you’re just a couple of misfits traveling, I suggest you book in Villa Anita (rates starts at around P800/night of stay, good for 2 people). Food is really not a problem since you can buy anything in Lucena city, drop-off point is the local market, so cheap food options, not a problem! =)

I can’t help it but to look for pictures too! Aba kailangan makita ko muna kung maganda siya talaga… =)

fisherman in the middle of nowhere... =P
mountain ranges on the background
This is it!!! BORAWAN!!! =)
majestic blue skies at Borawan

Indeed, there’s so much to explore in the Philippines. I think one lifetime of exploration is really not enough… =) so I’m fervently hoping that our trip this june will push through… let’s conquer QUEZON!!! Borawan, here I come!!! =)


Produced in time for the celebration of the 80th birthday of Lopez Group chairman, Oscar “Manong Oskie” Lopez, the musicale Undaunted immortalize the story of the Lopez family, how it survived trials through time and how they’ve put up the Lopez empire we know today. Throughout the phoenix-like falling and rising of the Lopez fortunes, family members were guided by the following distinct values: a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit; business excellence; nationalism; unity and team work; a strong work ethic, integrity; social justice; and an over-riding concern for employee welfare and wellness – which up until today is evident in every business endeavor the family has. The powerhouse cast includes great theatre actors and actresses lead by Mr. Audie Gemora, Jake Macapagal, Mayen Bustamante-Cadd, Stella Cañete, and many other talented singers and artists.

I was suppose to audition for this musical but I got worried that I might not fit this to my busy schedule with work and couldn’t commit 100% of my time. So I ended up watching it instead last April 28 together with my officemates. Being part of the Lopez conglomerate for three years now, I was, of course intrigue and interested on how they’ve put up so many businesses through the years and how they keep each business running, not to even mention that I wanted to see the whole production, and man I was not disappointed. All in all, the production was good though of course as with other theatre-produced plays, there were still mishaps and miss – like the ever-so-long “dead-air” at the start of the play. I guess it was planned and included in the run but nevertheless, the audience got so bored that the  actors already lost the audiences’ attention. On the other hand, let me commend the production designer for doing a job well done in designing the stage. i particularly like the panel they’ve created to stand as a “projector.” The design was an absolute delight because of the several purpose it served. The movable stage was also one of the fun things in the set. Again, kudos to the designers for thinking out of the box and designing a stage that can cater to a lot of uses. And finally, one of the things that really amazes me is the fact that most of the members of the ensemble are employees from the various businesses of the Lopez group. Would you imagine that… it only shows that these employees are both competent in doing office works and to acting, singing, and dancing in a theatre production. It’s really amazing…

Girls of ABS-CBN Interactive

 Also, I have to say that Sir Domi’s performance in Undaunted was amazing! We’re not only there to watch but also to support one of the managers here in ABS-CBN Interactive, Sir Domi Espejo! He’s part of the Undaunted’s ensemble and truly that night, he showcased his singing and dancing prowess… Galing! =)

super uber to the highest level tired today!

slept so late yesterday night.. then woke up at 6am, had to jog with my dog… did like about 20 rounds of walking and 5 runs today… finished jogging at 8am… forgot to eat my breakfast instead rushed out of the house giving away red roses to all the mothers in our village in time for mothers day (not that i’m running for presidential seat or something, just want to make the mothers smile including my own) … after giving aways tons of flowers, went out of the house to go to the local market to do “pamalengke” then after that, had to run some errands for mom… was able to get back to the house at 11:30 in time for lunch but haven’t got the time to eat because of HATAW… need to upload/update contents ASAP.. so i didn’t eat both breakfast and lunch, instead i went online uploading contents for HATAW service…  i was able to wrap things up for HATAW at 3pm i guess, had to go back to the house to do the laundry and up until now, i haven’t finish it yet (piles and piles of unwashed clothing was left cluttered in our living room) coz i had to go out and visit my aging aunt who’s celebrating her 80th birthday today… but before that i had to drop by the local panciteria, both 3 big bilaos of pancit, 1 gallon of ice cream, and 1 bilao of rice cake (puto in tagalog), then off i went to my aunt’s house… of course i couldn’t leave right away, i had to wait for everybody else to finish eating pancit (a matter of respect and courtesy for my aunt and guests), so at 6pm i was rushing out of my aunt’s house, scouring the whole village for a computer shop coz i had to update HATAW again… i ended up in this God forsaken hell of a shit hole computer shop in Rosario, no aircon, connection is a shit, can’t even access boungiorno because the connection is crap, but i had to bear it coz i already paid for an hour worth of surfing the net… fuck this life… really… i mean it… >.<