Going Japanese at Pioneer Center in Kapitolyo! :D

Kapitolyo in Pasig has been booming with restaurants here and there that it is now being tagged as the next “Maginhawa” of the metro. For the longest time I’ve been wanting to explore what it can offer coz I’ve only been to one resto so far (yeah, what a shame that is! hahaha!), that all day breakfast resto in the heart of Kapitolyo named “Milky & Sunny” and all because they have unli breakfast cereal meal for Php180! :))

So last weekend, I scheduled a dinner get-together with cousins. I was desperate to catch up coz it has been so long since we all went out and have a chat so I did some research and I chose a little resto near the Pioneer supermart named “Takashi.” It boast of modern Japanese cuisine at a very affordable price.

Verdict. I like the resto and enjoyed the food. You know I am not a picky eater and it doesn’t have to be a top notch super expensive restaurant to impress me. I like that 1) Takashi is very accessible from my place. For someone who doesn’t own a car and is not appreciative of the Christmas rush, accessibility is very important criteria for me. From Pasig, Takashi is just one jeepney ride away and it’ll only take you 20-30 minutes to get there. 2) Japanese food means simplicity and Takashi can offer you that. Not one item in the menu is as fancy as Mayweather so it’s pretty easy to choose your meal. And 3) It’s delicious and comes with a very reasonable price. If you just broaden and open up your mind, often times you’ll find that it doesn’t have to be expensive for the food to be delicious. Sometimes the most delicious food are found in those hall in the walls and not so main stream restaurants around and that’s what Takashi is!

Kani Salad & Salmon Sashimi
Kani Salad & Salmon Sashimi

I can eat this for a whole solid month! :)) and sashimi is my most fave thing in the whole wide world! :))

Tempura and Hokkaido Ramen
Tempura and Hokkaido Ramen

Although Takashi passed my standards, I don’t get it why their Hokkaido Ramen became the best seller. Not convinced at all with how it tastes. :))

Well, if you fancy Japanese food and you want to dine in peace, far from the hustle and bustle of everything plus food at a very reasonable price, you go & pay a visit to Takashi in Pioneer Center.

Next up for me in Kapitolyo? Gotta try Volcanoes’ player Gaz Holgate’s resto near HMR, Tasty Tucker! so until the next great food adventure! 🙂


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